Beware of Visa Scam

Australia is the new world full of hope and dream. There are a lot of successful stories of travellers settling in the kangaroo land and having an improved quality of life. This creates a new trend and some parties are using this to trick and deceive people into a scam that leads to dead-end and […]

Occupation Ceiling for 2015 – 2016

The occupation ceiling for 2015-16 has recently been released by the DIBP. Unfortunately, Accounting profession ceiling value has been slashed by half with slight changes in other profession’s ceiling value. Dental Practitioner has been removed from the current Skilled Occupation List (SOL) whilst Panel Beater and Cabinetmaker have been reintroduced into the SOL. The below […]

20 Things to do in Melbourne

Melbourne is consistently voted the world’s most liveable city and Melburnians are quick to tell visitors what makes this city such a great place to live from their favourite restaurants (‘400 Gradi makes the world’s best margarita, you know!’) to the laneway bars and cafes (‘better than Sydney’). But what makes a city really liveable […]

Finding Cheap Furniture for students

Everything is quite expensive in Australia under part-time salary or when you are living under allowance. So buying new furniture can be considered luxury and might not be wise because you are going to eventually leave it when you finish the study or moving out of the country. The best way to look for a […]

Migration agent jailed for fraud

Ms Xiao Ying Wu (known as Amy Wu), was based in Sydney’s Chinatown and pleaded guilty to forging immigration documents and defrauding her clients, who were seeking assistance with visa applications, in order to obtain more than $80 000. She was sentenced today in the Downing Centre District Court to 21 months’ imprisonment, with five […]

Assessment Level 4 removal

At the time of the Review no countries had been assigned as AL5. The removal of AL4 results in all students who were formerly subject to AL4 instead being assessed as AL3. Former AL4 visa applicants benefit from this change as there is a reduction in the level of evidence of English language proficiency, financial […]

Australasian College under investigation

A private training college in inner Sydney is under police investigation following allegations of a multimillion-dollar fraud involving hundreds of ”phantom students”. NSW Police and the Department of Education are investigating claims the Australasian College at Broadway used the details of prospective students to make it look as if they had completed courses that attracted […]

Changing course or educuation provider in Australia

If you are thinking about changing your course, you need to ensure that you continue to meet the conditions of your student visa. Here we listed a few scenarios if you are planning to change course in the future.   Changing course advice for streamlined visa holders If you want to change to a new […]

Health Examinations for Student Visa

When you are applying for a student visa to Australia, you may be required to go through medical examination as one of the requirement. The result will be assessed if you meet the health requirement set by the Australian government.   The type of health examination is different for residents of each country, there are […]

Immigration authorities back down on SVP visa threat

OVERSEAS students who switched to a degree course at institutions outside the streamlined visa processing system before January 14 will not lose their visas. Since that date, the Immigration Department has emailed more than 1400 overseas students warning them they were in breach of visa conditions because they had left the SVP (Streamlined Visa Processing) […]