Study English in Australia

A lot of students have spent alot of time and effort to improve their English back in their home country.┬áBut most of the time the results are not up to satisfactory level compared to all the struggle.┬áThere are several reasons for this, but the most common problem that we observe is students practice English only […]

Visa Assessment Level

We are certain that you have heard of assessment level quite often. But what is assessment level ? And how does it affect your visa application? Assessment level is a standard or measurement based on estimated immigration-breaching risk indicated by students from certain country in the education sector they are applying in. Every country and […]

Cheap and easy way to study in Australia

What is Brightannica? For most students, studying overseas might be daunting, or even scary. To arrive in a foreign country with different culture and language is new to most people. That’s where Brightannica steps in. With friendly and slightly overeager staffs, you will feel right at home. We offer free consultation and services to make […]